Maine Real Estate Training Academy

What Students Have Said
"Excellent instructors. They showed tremendous patience when some of us did not
understand the material presented. Kit approached the lessons with a great attitude and encouragement for each student to want to learn. His technique of having us write the answers in the workbook helped us to retain the material presented and his presentation of all the materials was most clear and concise. He thoroughly answered all our questions. I look forward to taking more of his classes. He is a great teacher. "

"Excellent. I never thought I could learn so much in such a short period of time.
Excellent methodology and presentation of material. "

"I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. I learned a tremendous amount from this class and would highly recommend it to anyone. I plan to take future classes with the Training Academy because of the knowledge the instructors have and the ability to keep my interest to teach me what I need to know. Thanks a million. " Melissa

"He made this class fun and exciting to learn about real estate. " Blaine

"It was so nice to know that we had the opportunity to review with the author (Elaine Richer) of the instructional manual personally. " Shirley

"Well coordinated, well organized, and kept on track. " Peter

"As a special education teacher, I have been to more classes, workshops, conferences, etc. then I can count. Nothing has ever held my interest as well as this course has. Kit is a wonderful teacher, communicator, presenter, and role model for the profession. He made the class fun and interesting as he taught the seriousness of the profession we were all considering. " Amy

"Kit, I believe, is an example of an excellent instructor. He is well prepared, delivers well and always has time for the student. I think this has been money well spent. " Neil

"This class was performed excellently. I have learned an abundant amount of
information in a short amount of time, but it was clear and concise. I would recommend this class to many. "

"Well organized. Lots of class participation. Excellent instructors." Carolyn

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in real estate as a career." Robert

"Excellent use of real life examples to put terms into perspective. " Scott

"I feel that with all of the information that was covered and talked about, it is going to more than prepare me for my ASI Associate Broker test. " Karen

"Associate Broker class was great! It was not easy and took a great amount of time over the last 6 weeks; however, I don't see how I would be prepared for the ASI test if I had not worked as hard as we did. Thank you for everything. " Joe

"Wouldn’t take the Associate Broker classes with anyone else. " Scott

"Thank you for all the information you go out of your way to provide us with for the Associate Broker state test. " Jaime