Maine Real Estate Training Academy

Frequently Asked Questions About...

Do I have to take this class to become licensed? YES

Do I have to take a state test? YES

How long is the course? Each class lasts three weeks consisting of three Wednesday's  and Weekends (Saturday & Sunday).

Do I have to attend all the classes? Yes, but you can do this over more than one session. Call for details.

What kind of license will I get? Sales Agent License

How long will my License be good for? 2 Years

What percentage of students pass? We are pleased to report over 95%!

What if I fail? You are welcome to repeat as often as you wish, within 1 year, at no charge.

How many students are in a class and do you limit the size? We try to limit class size to 36 but will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to work at a real estate company? Yes.  Your license must be with a
designated broker.

Are real estate companies looking for new agents today? Generally, the answer is yes, but you need a license.

Does the Training Academy help with placement? No, but the class roster will be emailed to over 250 agencies.

Do I need to buy any books? All books, plus a student notebook, are provided as part of the tuition for the class.

How many people have gone through the Sales Agent/Introduction to Real Estate class? Since 1996 well over 2000.


When should I take the Associate Broker Course?  Complete the Field Experience Requirement as soon as possible.  Check out our NEW Field Experience Workshop Class.  Finish the 60 Hour Associate Broker Class as soon as you are convinced this is a good career move for you.

What percentage of students passes the Maine Real Estate Training Academy's Associate Broker course? 95%

Do I have to attend all the classes? Yes

What happens if I fail the class? You may retake at no charge for up to 1 full year. There may be a charge for new materials.

What will I get for materials at class? Text – Modern Real Estate Practices, Student
Notebook and other handouts.

Does the Associate Broker Course prepare me for the Promissor Sales Agent Exam?  NO.

If I am currently Licensed as a Sales Agent and I need to take the Promissor Exam what should I do?  Register for our one day Sales Agent Exam Prep Course.


Who is the course for? All currently licensed sales agents who need to move to the Associate Broker License.  Also, any agent who has failed the Promissor exam.

Will the new Associate Broker class prepare the Sales Agent to pass the Promissor exam?  NO!  Effective July 1, 2006, the new Associate Broker course does NOT prepare the agent for the Promissor exam.

If you are currently a Sales Agent and became licensed as a result of passing the Primossor exam, do I need this course?  NO!  You simply need to take th enew Associate Broker course.

What is involved with the Prep Course?  One day (9:00am - 3:30pm), text books ("Guide to Passing the Promissor Real Estate Exam" and "Maine Real Estate Exam Prep"), and students comments of the Promissor exam who have successfully passed.

How do I pay? Check or cash only

How do I reserve my spot? Complete registration form and forward $100 deposit.

Do you ever cancel classes? We have never canceled Introduction To Real Estate or Associate Broker Practice or Law.

Do you have a 'storm policy '? Yes, we're glad you asked. WE DO NOT CANCEL CLASS DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER!